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About Us

We are proud to introduce ourselves as a 100% Green Technology Company, and possibly one of the only companies in the water business that is able to play an important role in reducing direct green house gas emissions.

BlueGold Labs Inc. is incorporated as a water research and intellectual property development company. We are located in Vancouver, BC, Canada and have product representatives in Alberta, Washington State and Oregon. We have worked on a variety projects across North and South America in agriculture, industry and oil.

Our products are 100% green and organic, all without the addition of chemicals in our processes. We make a variety of products for different water related applications from very small to extreme. It is important for us to share the message that through the use of our products our clients derive benefits which enable the product to become cost neutral usually in the first year.

Our engineer’s have been working on water irrigation efficiency, contaminated water remediation, feed water systems and other applications since 1998, and have combined over 100 years of applied engineering experience under their belts. All our products and applications have been tested under varied conditions and are offered with a solid background of experience and knowledge in this industry.

During the course of product research & development many additional benefits became evident; we repeated the experiments with the same results focusing on refinement of process and design. We are able to apply the findings to different industries where we determine resolution is required and innovation is welcome.

It is important for us to focus on prevention, health and responsible technology; we are part of a movement towards sustainability through action. We have proven with our technologies that it is possible to farm healthier produce, increase yields and substantially reduce costs while producing a far healthier highly nutritious product.

We have shown that with more than a 50% reduction in water use we can grow bountiful harvests. It is though the use of our technologies and our personal vision that we are able to make a difference to the way we all approach water. It is not an endless resource to be consumed; it is a finite precious commodity which if treated well will take care of us, and our children’s children well into the future.

We are currently working on a project towards bringing clean healthy drinking water to indigenous people in remote areas, and it’s our intention to partner with World Vision in their goals for community development in over 100 countries around the world in order to help us facilitate this project.

We would like to engage you, our visitor, to share the message with friends and family alike that everyone has a role to play in creating awareness of this important technology and its multiple different uses. There is an answer, and as improbable as it may seem, it works. So we implore you to take action, share this, tell others and help us provide solutions to those in need.

Thank you and enjoy your visit, come back often, and share with us your thoughts and sign up just to stay informed here.

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